Custom Built Quickbooks Servers From Small Business to Enterprise.


Quickbooks Performance Hardware


Intel Core i7 and Xenon High Speed CPU's

Lightning Fast Memory

Solid State Hard Drives

Extreme Cooling Technologies

The Highest MTBF components

Multiple High Speed Network Adaptors

Microsoft Server 2012




Custom hardware is the best way to ensure the best possible performance of your investment in Quickbooks Software. Not having a dedicated Quickbooks Server is the main reason for poor performance. Others include a poorly designed network infrastructure, improper server setup and not understanding that Multi-Core and Multi-Threading technology is not utilized by the Quickbooks Database.

We have been building custom hardware for specific applications since 1989. Our expertise in engineering the correct hardware for your specific need is what makes APTechnoligies unique in the industry. We can provide you with real world solutions that will make your Quickbooks application fly.

APTechnologies can also provide custom setup of your Quickbooks application as well as data migration, installation, configuration and Quickbooks Server maintainance. We even offer unattended backup services for your Quickbooks Server and data.

If you require personal onsite installation services, APTechnologies can provide that as well, with qualified installation technicians available in all 50 states.

Stop thinking about how to improve your Quickbooks performance and call us today for a custom analysis and quote for your Quickbooks Server.

If you need workstations we have those too along with all the network hardware you will need from routers and switches to firewalls and wireless access points.